Milan, 12 December 2016 – Sergio Tegon, founder and CEO of the Scorzè-based Ca’ Da Mosto company, in the province of Venice, announces the launch of the Victorvictoria brand, established at the end of the 1980’s and then acquired by Tegon. The line makes its return on the market in keeping with its identity, based on the parallelism between masculine and feminine. Such parallelism already clearly emerges from its name: Victorvictoria, like a mirror in which two universes, usually conceived as opposites, confront themselves and find unexpected style matches. The brand is redefined through an unprecedented binary system in which the two realities influence each other in a constant dialogue. Borders exist but express themselves thanks to a new balance.

“I acquired Victorvictoria in the first place because I was taken with the name and the idea of fashion it represented in my imagination. I really liked the idea of a minimal design in a masculine and feminine version. I decided to put this project aside until I would find the perfect design team, that would be able to share the idea of the brand and have the right spirit. On the other hand – from the point of view of production and distribution – Ca’ Da Mosto is the ideal company to support the project, because it guarantees the necessary quality of production and distribution.”

The team chosen by Tegon operates like an actual creative laboratory designing men’s/women’s collections characterized by a renewed clean and refined look, and by a thoroughly contemporary value.
The family-run company takes up the new challenge of the Veneto-born businessman, engaging in the production and distribution of the brand – an industrial venture with a forty-year experience in the textile manufacturing field and that has contributed to the success of many famous casual fashion brands.
The company was established in the early 1970’s by the then 30-year-old Sergio Tegon. Since its beginning it grew significantly, thanks to the creation of successful brands such as Seventy, Pepper, Pepperino and the Cerruti 1881 Jeans licence, until the end of the 1990’s when Sergio Tegon decided to focus on the development of the Seventy collection.
In 1986 the company eventually took its name after Ca’ Da Mosto, the Venice Palazzo the company is tied to, today it employs 150 people and posts an annual turnover of approximately 50 million euros. The domestic market is still leading with 76% of revenues, but the focus is also on the foreign market, currently at 24% but constantly growing. Ca’ Da Mosto is still a family-run business, in which the three children of Sergio Tegon are also actively involved; working in different business areas, they contribute in a synergic and aware manner to the further consolidation of the company’s success.

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