2+2 will always make 4, it’s calculated simplicity, mathematical perfection. The same happens when tailoring meets the geometry of shapes, minimal ties with essential, when fashion overcomes space and time and becomes immortal, a celebration of basic-chic garments in which the soft revolution of classic lines flirts with the metropolitan allure, functionality kisses uniqueness. Elegance is a play, wearing it is an art. For digital boomers, millennials, those who are curious and tireless dreamers, Victorvictoria proudly embodies style and simplicity. Masculine and feminine are free from any definition, he and she – S/HE – looking into the same mirror, reflecting the same attitude but from different formal perspectives, with a sophisticated parallelism in common.

Taking pride in calculated simplicity, style and elegance, thinking about man and woman as a sophisticated parallelism, mirror in which masculine and feminine play with different points of view but the same attitude to function and good taste, weaving the magic of high tailoring with the geometry of shapes, turning minimal into essential, making every fashion garment an evergreen across time and space and bridging classic and modern, vintage sophistication and metropolitan energy. Victorvictoria sews the desires of those who are eternally curious and tirelessly visionary and turns them into dreams.

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